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SAO II Volume 2: Two Years’ Worth of Tears Glopped Endlessly

OK, maybe we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves with that title. TTT is just entering its second year of blogging, but I had to work a relevant joke into this set review somehow. Anyhow, this write-up is sort of … Continue reading

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Making TD Upgrades Educational – Humble Beginnings

You haven’t played WS for very long if you’ve never seen (or been) a new player asking, ‘how many TDs should I buy?’ The stock standard answer will vary from shop to shop, and from TD to TD, but is … Continue reading

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Bringing a Sword to a Gunfight (now WITH BULLETS)

This is kind of filling in the niche that the good folk over at nk-ds had for a fairly long while. That means a set review, and if you couldn’t figure out what set it is from the title… well… … Continue reading

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