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How to Raise Your PUP – Part 3: Haruhi

I’ve been dreading this review for some time now, and that kind of spilled over and delayed KLK for like half a month, but we’re finally here. Delving into unknown territory, or something like that. Despite owning a sort-of Haruhi … Continue reading

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Reading Deeper into the Anti-Anti-Climax Stance

Bushiroad just announced the banning of Unlinking of Information and the placing of targets on Mikuru and Gilgamesh (on a watchlist, so to speak). These three cards have an obvious thing in common – interfering with your opponent’s ability to … Continue reading

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The February 2015 Banlist and the Misnomer of ‘Antifun’

The most recent banlist announcement is supposedly a doozy. Haruhi and Railgun have had the shackles loosened, but I somewhat doubt either of those decks is going to suddenly stand up and win absolutely everything. The important bit is that … Continue reading

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