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Scattered Thoughts on Skill and the Tournament Format

This is the first serious article I’ve written in awhile, so bear with me. If you’re after terribly irrelevant anime gifs and jokes about 90s’ kids pop culture, go read literally any other article I’ve penned. I want to address … Continue reading

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Concerning WS Tiers: S & A Tier sets included

What is a tier list, anyway? This is a concept that has been misunderstood throughout competitive communties worldwide, and yet these lists are one of the most hotly contested and debated things in any competitive game. This post will aim … Continue reading

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Reasons why good cards are good – Vol. 2: Compression

Warning: there will be almost no maths in this post. I hate maths. Today’s topic is kind of an elephant in the small room that is WS, so it needs to be gotten out of the way, and fast. Many … Continue reading

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