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‘Haruka Kanata’ (as popularised by Nickelback), or, ‘mad rant.txt’

Warning: opinionated article incoming. Also Nickelback jokes. A bunch of Nickelback jokes. If you have an aversion to gravelly noughties music, I would suggest you run. Now.

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The Curious Case of Tropical Beach, or, ‘Why this ridiculous LB deck will never top in Japan’

I dislike writing deck techs. They don’t cover the deckbuilding process appropriately and oftentimes are done by people who only skim over a deck’s gameplan. That is the reason why you’ve not seen deck techs from this blog, even though … Continue reading

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Making TD Upgrades Educational – Humble Beginnings

You haven’t played WS for very long if you’ve never seen (or been) a new player asking, ‘how many TDs should I buy?’ The stock standard answer will vary from shop to shop, and from TD to TD, but is … Continue reading

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How to be King of the World (dood) – My Disgaea Retrospective

(We got a guest writer. Because reasons.) I’ve been playing WS for 2 years now, and Disgaea was one of the first few series I decided to properly invest in. Before the release of D2, I heard that Disgaea cards … Continue reading

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How to Build a Deck: Approaching the Unknown (with Evangelion)

Deckbuilding is one of the major skills in WS. The game itself is generally quite simple to learn, and also quite simple to play, up to a certain point. However, a great deal of correct playing starts from the deck … Continue reading

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