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Reading Deeper into the Anti-Anti-Climax Stance

Bushiroad just announced the banning of Unlinking of Information and the placing of targets on Mikuru and Gilgamesh (on a watchlist, so to speak). These three cards have an obvious thing in common – interfering with your opponent’s ability to … Continue reading

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Tile-Matching and Tier Lists – Puyo Puyo Set Review and ‘Banlist’ Roundtable

I say banlist, but it’s basically just a metagame discussion. This time, the memers from TTT are joined by Peshkatz (of his self-titled Youtube channel), Phillip (of Make Marika Great), and celednb (of no blogs, because he didn’t ride the … Continue reading

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NK Booster Review (kind of) and Casual Banlist Roundtable

lycheepunnet, wkim and teru discuss the finer things in life, like gorillas man what was the point of this booster as always, agreement, disagreement and misagreement below

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The February 2015 Banlist and the Misnomer of ‘Antifun’

The most recent banlist announcement is supposedly a doozy. Haruhi and Railgun have had the shackles loosened, but I somewhat doubt either of those decks is going to suddenly stand up and win absolutely everything. The important bit is that … Continue reading

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A History of Bushiroad, Releases and Neo-Standard Banlists

We all know what a banlist is. Most of us have been affected by one at some point or other, assuming that the readers of this blog play cardgames. Whether it be in a constructed Magic format, the rolling Yugioh … Continue reading

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