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How to Raise Your PUP – Part 3: Haruhi

I’ve been dreading this review for some time now, and that kind of spilled over and delayed KLK for like half a month, but we’re finally here. Delving into unknown territory, or something like that. Despite owning a sort-of Haruhi … Continue reading

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August 2016 Banlist Roundtable, Tier List Included

You know the drill. Comments, feedback, criticism, dank memes, frank memes, fresh memes, dressed memes, Trump memes, dump memes, and all your love below. Or in the Youtube comments section, we’ll respond eventually additional info. I don’t even dislike Vegemite.

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The Path of Least Resistance, feat. Inuyasha (Rinne Set Review)

This article will double as a strategy article and a set review for Kyoukai no Rinne Inuyasha, though I’ll probably publish it as the latter before the former is complete. I feel that it’s a great candidate for the topic … Continue reading

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(Editor’s note: swearing ahead. I knew this was a bad idea.)

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Girlfriend (Beta) II Set Review

Long overdue, this is our set review for each of the colours of Girlfriend Beta – Yellow, Red and Green. Joining us is Thomas (the Tank Engine), who actually knows the set. I think. It’s late, but better late than … Continue reading

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C Tier Tears, or, ‘A brief account of players screaming, ‘WHY, BUSHIROAD, WHY!!!?!?”

And now we come to the tail end of things. The decks whose exploits are the stuff of legend, simply because these decks are the enchanting combination of rare and depressing. None of these series are what you would term … Continue reading

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B-tier Tears: Therapy Session II

If you want the set descriptions, expand the post, then Ctrl+F ‘Kirino is worst girl’. It’s not even that far down, but the more people I can get to type this, the better. You may have noticed a sizeable gap … Continue reading

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Concerning WS Tiers: S & A Tier sets included

What is a tier list, anyway? This is a concept that has been misunderstood throughout competitive communties worldwide, and yet these lists are one of the most hotly contested and debated things in any competitive game. This post will aim … Continue reading

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Reasons why good cards are good – Vol. 3: Endgame

Honestly, I’m kind of tired of writing about theory and I want to get this over with so I can talk about clickbaitey tiers crap. Still, I feel that I should really make mention of why the most expensive cards … Continue reading

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