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(For convenience, I stickied this article so you don’t have to dig through the archives every time you want to keep up with new hotness. Aren’t I nice?)

I just don’t have time anymore. You probably don’t have all that much time either, and while those 10k+ word posts are cool if you have a spare hour and a bunch of interest, you probably aren’t the person who has both a spare hour and a bunch of interest. They’ll go up every now and then, but they’ll be sidelined for now.

So, what’s important for people to know about? Well, the game is actually in an incredibly desirable state right now. We have more than 10 unique sets capable of topping tourneys without being laughed at, some of those sets having multiple decks easily capable of doing so. It’s important to know the top decks in the meta, what they can do, their gimmicks, and why you should consider playing those decks for your next tournament. That’s precisely what this post will be about. It should more rightly be called The Meta Decklist Post, but I’ll get to that. Continue reading

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Urgently Seeking New Co-Host – El Pres has met with a terrible Fate/Kaleid Prisma Ilya

Jokes aside, get your hands out of your pants. You sicko.

This video brought to you by Spurdo Sparde, the most 外汇交易入门 underappreciated meme on the internet. You go, you dyslexic otter bear thing.

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Milky Holmes Strikes Back: The Movie – Set Review

I feel like watching Milky Holmes might be a worthwhile investment if I keep up with WS releases. 0/0 Elly is actually that borked.

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Fate/English Meta: Breaking down exactly why Saber is worst girl

I know I said I wasn’t much for the English format, but this kind of bridges between both formats, and it’s topical clickbait, so why not? Written by not me, but by celednb.

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(Editor’s note: swearing ahead. I knew this was a bad idea.) Continue reading

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Violent Pornography – To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd Vol.2 Set Review

This time we’re joined by 2015 US National Champion thenightsshadow, who runs his own blog . You might notice his header is labelled as best girl, when it is in fact some mediocre imouto voiced by everybody’s favourite shrinking violet bit role. Always bothered me, had to get it off my chest.

Anyway, set reviews. Breakdown of the rating system . Pornography below.

watch The Exception movie online now

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Tile-Matching and Tier Lists – Puyo Puyo Set Review and ‘Banlist’ Roundtable

I say banlist, but it’s basically just a metagame discussion. This time, the memers from TTT are joined by Peshkatz (of his self-titled Youtube channel), Phillip (of Make Marika Great), and celednb (of no blogs, because he didn’t ride the recent blogwave).

Oh, and we also did a Puyo set review.

Hit Read More for the full set review, starting from Blue and moving to Yellow, Green, then Red. Continue reading

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Correctly Turning Your Cards Sideways – The Importance of Attack Order

We’re somehow big enough to get article submissions. This is an insightful article on attack order, by MrPattywagon, which I have edited somewhat liberally.

This article contains sections on ordering your attacks for information (both denying info to your opponent and fishing it out for yourself), one section about board-state sensitive attack order that  you can skip if you know what you’re doing or play Old Man, and a two-part discussion on how attack order matters in dealing damage (preview: it doesn’t) (sometimes) (at least not in the way some of you think it matters). There are limits to the number of words a reasonable person can tolerate in a blog post about an anime card game scope-creep scales linearly with boredom and tedium – but I hope the examples and explanations that survived the writing process will do something for you.

A scenario before we get into the article proper. (You can CTRL-F or CMD-F for “attack order does not matter” if you’re here to read the section on dealing damage.)

Green Railgun opponent is at 0-3 with two characters on the field and weeharuyou commit yourself to killing both of them: an<a href=” important source.html?card=WS_RG/W13-029″> on-reverse drop-search and a best girl oversize. When you defeat the drop-search character, your opponent will search for the card he thinks he needs. He’ll take the damage, his searcher will be reversed and primed, and he’ll go find something. But the opponent might not yet know what he wants to grab with the drop-search: he’s sensitive to his clock and how close he is to level 1.

Let’s explore some damage scenarios and how that affects his search target. Then we’ll talk about why attack order matters here. Continue reading

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What do Sports Drinks and Movies About Idols Have In Common?

They both have Weiss sets!

Love Live’s EB has only one video covering the cards in the set, while Monogatari is split into three videos. Read more about our totally rad rating system here. We’ve started putting translations on our videos, and all credit to HotC for them. Continue reading

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Responding to Feedback on my Almost-Buzzfeed Article

Since that last post stirred more sleeping lions than I expected, I feel it’s only right if I responded to some of them in a timely fashion. These are some of the choice pickings from various forums that have been brought to my attention. Everything will remain at least somewhat anonymous, even if I address anyone specifically. Continue reading

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