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Charlotte Set Review

Long awaited? I don’t know anymore. Top Tier Tears presents their slightly-late Charlotte set review, complete with experimental use of the new rating system. It’s hella long. As always, overview first, then coloured videos. All feedback welcome.  

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Brave New World

We’re shaping up a bit. Because the set reviews are becoming some of our main content, we’re going to get a lot more concrete with our ratings of various cards. This will flesh out discussion and forcibly prevent us from … Continue reading

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Love Live Cinderella Girls Sunshine, or something like that

I feel like I’ve done this joke before. Whatever. lycheepunnet, wkim, Katsu and special guest SecretNinja did a Derem@s review of sorts. Likes dislikes comments uncomments subs unsubs all appreciated. The parts – yellow, red and blue – are below, … Continue reading

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Weiss Schwarz Tiers, Power Creep and Somewhat Justified Whining

The absence of new sets for awhile bored a few of us (mostly lychee), so here is a somewhat brief tier list roundtable with some power creep discussion thrown in. The given list isn’t comprehensive and it misses a fair … Continue reading

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To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd: The Lewdening

lycheepunnet and wkim talk about the finer points of straight up porn. On time, too. They’re like 15 years old guys, control yourselves. While we recommend you watch the full videos for the sparkling wit and soul-searching that goes on, … Continue reading

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Pre-Emptive Deckbuilding – Bonus Porn Included

First post on the new site, huzzah. There have been multiple requests of me lately to review series that are not fully spoiled yet. As much as I love to play along with spoiler season hype in TCGs, I find … Continue reading

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NK Booster Review (kind of) and Casual Banlist Roundtable

lycheepunnet, wkim and teru discuss the finer things in life, like gorillas man what was the point of this booster as always, agreement, disagreement and misagreement below

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Scattered Thoughts on Skill and the Tournament Format

This is the first serious article I’ve written in awhile, so bear with me. If you’re after terribly irrelevant anime gifs and jokes about 90s’ kids pop culture, go read literally any other article I’ve penned. I want to address … Continue reading

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Upgrading Old and Busted to NEW HOTNESS – Humble Beginnings

You might have noticed a slew of articles coming from people who aren’t me, and that’s happening because apparently this blog is high-profile enough to get more than just me writing for it. Deck techs or not, I’m stoked to … Continue reading

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‘Haruka Kanata’ (as popularised by Nickelback), or, ‘mad rant.txt’

Warning: opinionated article incoming. Also Nickelback jokes. A bunch of Nickelback jokes. If you have an aversion to gravelly noughties music, I would suggest you run. Now.

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