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Weiss Schwarz Tiers, Power Creep and Somewhat Justified Whining

The absence of new sets for awhile bored a few of us (mostly lychee), so here is a somewhat brief tier list roundtable with some power creep discussion thrown in. The given list isn’t comprehensive and it misses a fair … Continue reading

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Gigant Shooter Tsukasa: Brick Cards, Brick Life

Hello, my name is ElPresidente or wkim564 (depending on where you find me), and this is my set review of Gigant Shooter Tsukasa. This was my main tournament set for a while, winning me three local 20-30 man tournaments, and … Continue reading

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Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Akatsuki Works

We did a video/podcast-y thing to see how it goes. It’s because lycheepunnet is a lazy ass and didn’t want to type things. Drop feedback in the comments section. Part 2 was really choppy so it might get re-recorded. We … Continue reading

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