August 2016 Banlist Roundtable, Tier List Included

You know the drill.

Comments, feedback, criticism, dank memes, frank memes, fresh memes, dressed memes, Trump memes, dump memes, and all your love below. Or in the Youtube comments section, we’ll respond eventually additional info.

I don’t even dislike Vegemite.

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3 Responses to August 2016 Banlist Roundtable, Tier List Included

  1. Zabuton says:

    I think a part you missed about Accel World is that you’re probably not going to be clocking during the Clock Phase on any turn you want to Accelerate (actually almost as soon as you hit Level 1, unless you need colour in your Clock). I also don’t quite agree on the Level 1 Green combo build – while compressing for clean stock is fine, not clocking makes it difficult to draw your CX for Level 3 (as well as Events, which I think are a valid choice in the deck), and more importantly the deck doesn’t really have a way to utilise the built stock other than for the end game Level 3s. Blue with the Fuuko combo is probably a better way to take the deck.

    Oh, and I think Utai is a decent card to play at Level 2. So you can add a card to the 2+ count.

    • lycheepunnet says:

      i agree with all of those points sans the bit where you dont clock the turn you accelerate – one turn of accel wont set you for the rest of the game, and the only difference between clocking that turn and the next is whether you discard or not

  2. concerned canadian citizen says:

    I’m suddenly very worried.

    time to meme i guess

    >Wise Shorts

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