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lycheepunnet, El Pres and special guest Beenly go through boats. This was a fragmented review due to me getting night shifts, El Pres getting a vacation job, and timezones in general. This is also why Inuyasha was a typed post and not a video a la meme. While Yellow and Green were done 福汇官网 in an almost timely manner, the latter two colours were done literally 2 weeks afterwards, at which point the dust had settled on the new set and builds had been slowly established. I’m not sure I agree with not including Hibiki in the final builds, but I also don’t play boats.

You can see the sample builds I’ve mocked up over at , which is still regularly updated (contrary to any disparaging rumours passing Australians might try to spread).

Tier discussion will drop soon after the new restriction list is revealed, and after I commission teru to once again shop MisaKuro into some hip & fresh meme. Also, we’ll be doing Rabbits soon too (spoiler, it’s not looking great for those guys who ordered cartons).






Notes on rating system . Comments and feedback below. Memes preferably in the Youtube comments, I don’t get emails for those. No, I will not tutor you in German.

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