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Thoughts on Playstyles in Weiss Schwarz

To Play, or to Style? Playstyle is a somewhat popular topic in various cardgaming communities at the moment, so I thought I’d talk just a bit about the idea of playstyles and how they should and shouldn’t affect you. This … Continue reading

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Execution Deep Dive – YOU’LL FALL BY MY HAND

I’ve sold out my principles. I’ve said repeatedly that I hate doing deck techs, but here I am doing a deck tech. Sort of. Not quite. I’m going to do what I’ll be calling a Deck Deep Dive. This is … Continue reading

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Let’s go, King of Heroes. Do you have enough unplayable cards in stock?

His cards are really, truly awful. I’m not even a Gil fanboy, it’s just a bit depressing. I’m also confused as to why they slapped Shirou’s best UBW line onto a mediocre card that won’t see play in everything. Anyway, … Continue reading

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