Weiss Schwarz Tiers, Power Creep and Somewhat Justified Whining

The absence of new sets for awhile bored a few of us (mostly lychee), so here is a somewhat brief tier list roundtable with some power creep discussion thrown in. The given list isn’t comprehensive and it misses a fair few series, so feel free to comment with questions if you have any.

spoiler: it’s mostly just a bunch of us complaining about TLR for like half an hour

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8 Responses to Weiss Schwarz Tiers, Power Creep and Somewhat Justified Whining

  1. Dark Irregular says:

    Despite mentioning SAO it wasn’t added to the list, but interesting tier list, albeit broad.

    This video indicated Index was more playable than GC, which was described, probably correctly as a worse version of KC. Is this due to it being a worse set to start with, despite seemingly getting stronger CC (ie. Rikki, runner, advance summon Musashi, plussing brainstorm, +500 bondable, and anti-advance summon) cards?

    • elpresidente564 says:

      I believe that this is not because the quality of cc cards in index are better, frankly most of them aren’t, but rather that the deck is better positioned in the current meta game. Free sac counters at 1/0 (Dragon Strike is pretty unfair) in conjunction with index and hyouka can prevent two reverses for 1 stock while saving a character (Dragon strike sac a char, assign 2k and 2 levels, activate index and hyouka to bounce what you sacced to hand for 1 stock). Heal counters are more relevant than ever. Stacking your deck with GC top checkers is less relevant as it is more likely to get you killed vs TLR.

      GC was a better and more playable set pre Comeback Campaign compared to Index, but post comeback campaign filled in the gaps in the Index set, adding a plussing brainstormer, a strong early play, a good finisher, and most importantly a level 1 game, while GC mere enhanced the end game of its own set by adding a musashi and added tools which improved consistency. In a sense, the index comeback campaign while being visibly worse quality cards, had a more dramatic effect on the deck.

      Ultimately it comes more down to the current meta game rather than the actual set strength. Preventing on reverse effects is super key atm, as it disables on reverse finishers (clock kickers, burners, etc) as well as the level 1 advantage engines which are so prominent these days (GC for instance tends to crutch on having stock from its 1/1 2k1 draw combo). This in conjunction with heal counters tend to make Index more resilient whilst only sacrificing a modicum of finishing power, musashi vs shot, while instead gaining a degree of control, the ability side attack level 3s for exact damage.

      That said, index has a legitimate hard counter, YBG Little Busters! makes the deck very frustrating to play, with anti heal denying the 3/2 heal 2 counter and the 3/2 healer, while the anti salvage due to the index and hyouka effect occurring during battle phase (encore is part of battle) causes the index player to minus significantly. Luckily due to the JP metagame favoring strong finishers, and LB being an unpopular and difficult set to build due to supply, this is often not relevant, with akagi kai being popular in japan while hatsukaze effects do nothing to dampen this strong advantage engine.

      Finally, Index does have a strong matchup vs TLR. It too has a hexproof finisher in Touma. The 3/2 index is slightly to large to get reversed by yami, making them a safe full field. The 1/0 dragon strike denies the entire advantage engine of the deck. Finally, the heal punch is great due to forcing the TLR player to fall short in situations they wouldn’t otherwise. Ultimately though, I’ll always suggest that you play something you are comfortable and familiar with rather than what is simply top tier.

      Hoped this help give my own insight into why I think index is better than GC.

  2. Kamiyan says:

    In your video i hesrd a plus 2 soul build LB, can i see the list?

  3. Robert says:

    Did you guys discuss AOT at all?(currently skipping around looking for it) If not what are your thoughts and do you guys have any tips playing the corps deck against decks like madoka that can pull characters away from Levi to prevent his on reverse triggers.

    • lycheepunnet says:

      see my response on the video itself

      as for dealing with things like sayaka’s wish and sac counters, there really isn’t a great deal that can be done – vs madoka’s sayaka’s wish specifically, you can use fieldswapping to your advantage and try to keep non-sayaka cards sitting in the frontrow the turn before you put levi down, but against all-purpose sac counters, like those of NK, MM and GC, there isn’t really a whole lot you can do

      part of why TLR and musashi-focused sets are strong is that they can ignore these counters

  4. Dark Irregular says:

    This is unrelated to video, but if you need content, it would be fun to see you rank and discuss each of the comeback campaigns and how successful they were for their time.

  5. Dylan Hunt says:

    Would you care discuss collaborating to create content? I agree with your point that more needs to be done in this regard and I think we could take this website a step further.

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