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Weiss Schwarz Tiers, Power Creep and Somewhat Justified Whining

The absence of new sets for awhile bored a few of us (mostly lychee), so here is a somewhat brief tier list roundtable with some power creep discussion thrown in. The given list isn’t comprehensive and it misses a fair … Continue reading

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To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd: The Lewdening

lycheepunnet and wkim talk about the finer points of straight up porn. On time, too. They’re like 15 years old guys, control yourselves. While we recommend you watch the full videos for the sparkling wit and soul-searching that goes on, … Continue reading

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SAO II Volume 2: Two Years’ Worth of Tears Glopped Endlessly

OK, maybe we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves with that title. TTT is just entering its second year of blogging, but I had to work a relevant joke into this set review somehow. Anyhow, this write-up is sort of … Continue reading

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Girlfriend (Beta) II Set Review

Long overdue, this is our set review for each of the colours of Girlfriend Beta – Yellow, Red and Green. Joining us is Thomas (the Tank Engine), who actually knows the set. I think. It’s late, but better late than … Continue reading

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Pre-Emptive Deckbuilding – Bonus Porn Included

First post on the new site, huzzah. There have been multiple requests of me lately to review series that are not fully spoiled yet. As much as I love to play along with spoiler season hype in TCGs, I find … Continue reading

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