NK Booster Review (kind of) and Casual Banlist Roundtable

lycheepunnet, wkim and teru discuss the finer things in life, like gorillas

man what was the point of this booster

as always, agreement, disagreement and misagreement below

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7 Responses to NK Booster Review (kind of) and Casual Banlist Roundtable

  1. MrPattywagon says:

    I’ll have substantive comments later, but for now, a suggestion: your Youtube channel has since its inception been trying an experiment in which the words “weiss schwarz” aren’t included in any video titles or video descriptions. If you were doing that on purpose, I think that maybe the data you’ve gotten is good enough and you can put those words somewhere now. Keywords are a thing. They connect people who would be interested in your content to you, either through Youtube populating search results with your videos when viewers search for content (“Love Live weiss schwarz” “Attack on Titan set review”) or directing them automatically to you through autoplay. My hunch is that those two things aren’t happening as much as they “should” for content as good as yours and when compared to other content far less good than yours.

    Maybe there’s some aesthetic interest in your viewers being purely community driven: people discover you through social media and forums rather than as wandering Youtubers looking for Weiss content unaffiliated with the main Weiss communities. If that purity is something you care about, well, OK, I concede, lol.

    Good on you giving a shoutout for the banlist image.

    • lycheepunnet says:

      noted and amended, thank you very much

      the words are tags in the video but i guess this cant hurt

      • MrPattywagon says:

        Two things from the Nisekoi EB:

        1) “I don’t want someone looking at this and think this card is good” — good to conclude on that. wkim brought up that it was the most amount of time you’d ever spent on a bad card, and it’s good to be sensitive to this.

        Something to add to that, and I guess contrast from that a bit — as your history of past set reviews grows longer, you’ll have a split in your viewership between people who have watched/listened to them all and people whose first video is the one you’ve just made. Be sensitive to shortcutting a review of a card. It’s always somebody’s first set review. The flipside is that over time you’ll get better at conveying the important information for common card profiles more quickly, so that’s fine, as long as you do convey that important information.

        2) wkim saying that walls at 9k+ are built to hit that powerpoint because it denies exactly this plussing profile from reversing them, so it’s not a surprising fault of the Haru. That was a helpful deckbuilding motivation on the other side to inform this card review

        On the Banlist discussion: pretty much a complete mess after you went over the changes, but you knew that going in. You did a better job with the Tier list discussion more recently in putting down some topical flags ahead of you and starting the podcast with a preview of them.

        last things — change the bloglink on the Youtube aboutme to the new url. and consider reviewing constructed-relevant TD exlusives in some way. You specifically reference a few in the TLR set review (you even say you’re running X TD card over Y Booster card, and that the X is better than Y, without describing X’s effects lol). You could just do “and that’s all the events for Yellow, any good TD exclusive you guys care about before we give an assessment of the color and move on to Red” or something. Maybe not a perfect solution.

        • lycheepunnet says:

          This is all really good feedback, thank you!

          i normally use neither proper punctuation nor exclamation marks either but i felt the need to do so here

          we will take everything into consideration

        • elpresidente564 says:

          Thanks for all the advice. I really appreciate that someone out there actually watches our full vods. I think we need to be briefer on both reading and explaining the qualities of each card, and be less willing to sit on bad cards as long as we do.

          I think the more organized we make our plans for each video, the better they tend to but our set reviews are mostly just done kinda “live” where we just say things stream of consciousness style.

          Appreciate all the things you are saying, and thanks for pointing out all the things we need to work on. I in particular definitely tout the wall strats far more than they actually appear in competitive play though

  2. John says:

    Only Girl Friend Beta yellow was discussed. Is this as you only view it as a legitimate deck? Red/Blue has also topped recently (at the BCF and at a higher level than yellow) and is arguably equally powerful, as has other builds.

    • lycheepunnet says:

      We skimmed a lot of builds, and that’s entirely our fault.

      For example, GFB monoblue splash pumpkin, akagi KC, LB twins, and the actual madoka builds topping – this is mostly because we weren’t very organised and were primarily talking about the banlist itself, it just kind of moved onto a tier discussion without us noticing.

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