Glass Ceiling, Now with Added Salt

Hello, Matchapple here with a review of the upcoming GC (Glass Ceiling) comeback campaign. I’ll be going through the new cards and their interactions with the cards from the set. Hopefully, the information provided will help in constructing your future GC deck. At the end, I will list a deck I have drafted with the CC hype and my reasons to why the deck should work. I’ve also included another person’s deck and his explanation as to his card choices.

To start I’ll list the cards that have been announced and will be released in conjunction to the Index campaign (Click here for the Index rundown).

Guilty Crown A Set:

Resurrected Eve, ManaK6AnPVs
GC/S16-122 PR CH
Yellow / Level: 0 / Cost: 0 / Trigger: None
Power: 500 / Soul: 1
[CONT] During your turn, your other Character in the middle Slot of the Center Stage gets +1000 Power.
[AUTO] This ability may activate up to once per turn. When you use a Shift ability, during this turn, this card gets the following ability: “[CONT] All your other Characters get +1000 Power.

I was never a fan of yellow cards when I first started playing, because of these effects that only activate on your turn. Sure, on your turn you become massive, but the downside is everything gets run over on defense. This yellow support is one of the better ones, and one that is up for consideration in GC, due to the numerous shift targets in the set. Also, this bond, this level 1, and the new PR all have shift and will most likely see play in conjunction with the support here. It doesn’t have the important <Funeral Parlour> trait, but hey, you can’t win ’em all.

However, let us consider “meta” decks wall at 7.5k and without this support the main attackers on offense are sitting at 7.5k at best. Doesn’t seem like a good trade, right? Here’s where this gem comes in global 1k places everything at 7.5k before factoring in the 2nd backrow assist. This will place your characters on the side just 500 above your opponents and the middle 1.5k. Shifty plays equals nifty plays and we have to work with the glass ceiling above our heads.

Accepted Fate, GaiUmEB8C5
GC/S16-123 PR CH
Yellow / Level: 1 / Cost: 0 / Trigger: None
Power: 4500 / Soul: 1 <Funeral Parlour> <Weapon>
[CONT] This card gets +500 Power for each of your other <Funeral Parlour> Character and/or Character with “Mana” in its name.

A card that make yellow somewhat playable. It just so happens to share a name with the original bond target for this Mana, which means it’s an oversize clock bondable beater. Everything in the set (besides a few red and green cards) have <Funeral Parlour> or the Mana name, allowing this card to maintain its size so long as you can maintain a full field. This should not be a problem with all the cards you’re able to maintain through bonds, brainstorms, and Rikis.

Sure, this card doesn’t have a way to stay on the field itself, but with the help of a 1/0 splittable 2k counter this card has better hopes of survival than many other clones found in other series. Coupled with the burst potential of yellow we have a decent sized card on defense (most likely 6.5 or 7k) and a rather strong offensive option (at 8k or 9k).

Final State of Infection, GaiZCfKlOF
GC/S16-124 PR CH
Yellow / Level: 3 / Cost: 2 / Trigger: +1 Soul
Power: 9000 / Soul: 2 <Funeral Parlour> <Weapon>
[CONT] While you have 5 or less cards in your deck, this card gets -1 Level in your hand.
[CONT] While you have 2 or more other <Funeral Parlour> Characters, this card gets +1000 Power.
[AUTO] This ability may activate up to once per turn. During the turn this card is placed on the Stage from your hand, if the damage dealt by this card is cancelled, put the top card of your deck into the Waiting Room, then deal X damage to your opponent. X is the Level of that card +1. (Climaxes are treated as Level 0 for this ability. This damage may be cancelled)

The last yellow addition that is making everyone force yellow into a GC deck, ’cause Musashi. Finishing aside, being an early play 11k body is also nice when coupled together with a level support, as that gives it the ability to stay on field for… well, forever. Prior to this card, the entirety of GC’s level 2 was to change into the vanilla 10k Inori that does basically nothing otherwise, so this is a very welcome addition to the Level 2 family.

On the finishing potential, there isn’t much that can top a Musashi aside from silly cards like Marika. Pinging from anywhere between 1 to 4 at anytime of the game leaves quite a sting. The opportunity to do more than 3 instances of damage outside of attacking is amazing in terms of finishing power. What other set has the luxury of both Musashi and clock-kick? Kantai… Well there’s a reason that deck is topping everywhere (amazing advantage and finishing potential). You’ll see that GC received quite a few advantage engines as well… 😉

Thinking of Inori, ShuPwItPR3
GC/S16-125 PR CH
Green / Level: 0 / Cost: 0 / Trigger: None
Power: 1000 / Soul: 1 <Funeral Parlour> <Weapon>
[AUTO] When this card attacks, choose 1 of your other other Characters. During this turn, that Character gets +1000 Power.
[AUTO] [(1) Put the top card of your deck into your Clock] When this card is placed on the Stage from your hand, you may pay the cost. If you do, reveal a Level 1 or lower Character in your deck, put it into your hand, and shuffle your deck afterwards.

yo riki wassup

I don’t think I need to say much, but this card equals free cards to either set-up for level 1 or to grab some counters. Crazy good card, and the buff on attack is really good for any Level 1 game you choose to play. There isn’t much to say, but for people who are unfamiliar with why this ability is so useful let me give you a quick rundown. Imagine this, sitting at 0-5 with no more level 0s to play. Clock to draw two. Shift (if you can). Play Riki, search for level 1s or supports. You now have an attacker that buffs another character and just searched for a card to replace this one. Started from the bottom and now we here. The set-up and advantage potential is amazing.

Corrupted Kingdom, Shu and InorigRGgucj
GC/S16-126 PR CH
Green / Level: 1 / Cost: 0 / Trigger: None
Power: 4000 / Soul: 1 <Funeral Parlour> <Weapon>
[AUTO] When another of your <Funeral Parlour> Characters attacks, during this turn, this card gets +1500 Power.
[AUTO] [Clock] Shift Level 1

7k base offensively (if attacking last) is not shabby at all. I’ve noticed more players running cards similar to these, but these types of cards also restrict your attack order, making it more predictable for the opponent to react accordingly. For that reason, I’m not sure that this card will be extremely important at Level 1, especially since it has no form of encore to sustain itself. However, having Shift means you have another way to grab it for value, which is great at any point in the game. I still prefer this card for the time being, playtest notwithstanding (and I’ll definitely playtest it).

Guilty Crown B Set

“Vessel”, InoriU8N4RNL
GC/S16-127 PR CH
Red / Level: 0 / Cost: 0 / Trigger: None
Power: 1000 / Soul: 1 <Music> <Funeral Parlour>
[CONT] All your other <Funeral Parlour> Characters get +500 Power.
[ACT] Brainstorm [(1) Rest this card] Reveal the top 4 cards of your deck and put them into the Waiting Room. For each Climax revealed this way, choose a Character in your Waiting Room and put it into your hand.

Brainstorm and global support. Just what the doctor called for, in order to deal with the increasing salt levels. While there’s already a clock brainstorm in the series, this one is both a better brainstorm (in a non-event-reliant series) and a global support. Fits in nicely with the mainstay of most GC decks due to the <Funeral Parlour> trait. However, the 1/0 Mana and various other green level 1s will not benefit from the boost, if you so choose to play them. Overall, good card. Great card, even. The fact it isn’t even trait restricted to grabbing <Funeral Parlour> means that it will see play in all GC decks.

Floating Remnants of Song, InoriMleCfH2
GC/S16-128 PR CH
Red / Level: 2 / Cost: 1 / Trigger: +1 Soul
Power: 7000 / Soul: 1 <Music> <Funeral Parlour>
[AUTO] When this card attacks, if the Character facing this card is Level 3 or higher, during this turn, this card gets +6000 Power.
[AUTO] When this card attacks while “Euterpe” is in your Climax Area, you may choose a Character in your Waiting Room and put it into your hand.

With prevalent early play level 3s, this card is a good tech as a 1-2 of, but the second effect pushes it into the realm of primary plan. Running more than 2 MIGHT be a good idea to net more free advantage from the gate you’ll most likely run. Again, testing.

GC/S16-129 PR CX
Red / Trigger: Comeback
[CONT] All your Characters get +1000 Power and +1 Soul. (Comeback: When this card is triggered, you may put a Character in your Waiting Room into your hand.

Gate version of an existing stock + soul CX. It acts as a double combo piece for the above PR and the level 3 Inori. It makes running the combo for the level 3 seem more reasonable, but I’m not sold since climax combos at level 3 are double edged swords. The addition of various advantage engines in this CC also makes me question whether we need gates at all.

It might be cool if you get a change coupled with the PR 2/1 above, since that gives even more free plusses, but it seems a little situational and hard to pull off without being really greedy.

“Chinchikurin” TsugumixmEwzgK
GC/S16-130 PR CH
Blue / Level: 0 / Cost: 0 / Trigger: None
Power: 1000 / Soul: 1 <Funeral Parlour> <Operator>
[AUTO] When this card is placed on the Stage from your hand, reveal the top card of your deck. If that card is a <Funeral Parlour> Character, put it into your hand, then put a card in your hand into the Waiting Room.
[AUTO] At the beginning of your opponent’s Attack Phase, you may move this card to another vacant Slot on the Center Stage.

Card filtering + conditionless runner, what a godsend. It’s the first conditionless runner in a long, long time. Helps fish out cards you may need, all while maintaining board advantage during level 0. Making GC free, one card at a time. It’s even blue fixing for your level support. Amazing.

Striving Towards Her Goal, AyasewXT5yGe
GC/S16-131 PR CH
Blue / Level: 2 / Cost: 1 / Trigger: +1 Soul
Power: 2500 / Soul: 1 <Funeral Parlour> <Wheelchair>
[AUTO] [(2) Put a Character on your Stage into the Waiting Room] When you use this card’s Backup ability, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose an opponent’s Character that has a Level higher than your opponent’s and put it into the Waiitng Room.
[ACT] [Counter] Backup 2500, Level 2 [(1) Put this card in your hand into the Waiting Room]

Again, level 3s being so prevalent means that having an “antichange” counter helps to slow your opponent’s tempo, all whilst while maintaining your own. Prior to this card, GC had almost no way to efficiently get rid of oversized early plays, aside from vanilla 3k counters or the 4k event counter. This in addition to the PR 2/1 Inori means that you’re going to have no issue with opposing Level 3 fatties. It’s also an extremely good way to get rid of clock kick/restand targets, making it even easier to get value in the lategame. You can sack a reversed character too, for even more value.

That ends my opinion on the new comeback campaign cards. Now we move onto cards that will see play or have potential to be played. I used the JP names due to being lazy (but not wanting to be dirty :^)


The card that started it all. This card bonds to the new PR 1/0 Guy and also has shift to allow for easy retrieval. While it doesn’t have the <Funeral Parlour> trait, it does have Shift, letting you grab it pretty easily. This card illustrates the versatility and power of the Shift mechanic all too well, and playing with this card and a good bond target will probably blow your mind. Even if you somehow can’t Shift this card to hand, you can easily Riki or brainstorm for it. The Shift works nicely with the Mana support in the CC, as you can clock this card and draw two, then proceed to shift for this card back to your hand. Nifty, isn’t it? Staple in Yellow builds.

桜満 真名gc-s16-004

1/0 6k beater with shift. The only issue I have with this card (as compared to the new 1/0 green shift) is that it will not get the +500 power from the global Inori brainstorm, nor will it benefit from the level 1 2k counter. It’s pretty small on defence, so that point isn’t super-relevant. Aside from that, not restricting your own attack order while being a costless oversize option in yellow allows for more flexibility and trickery.

魅惑のビーチ 祭gc-s16-026

Solid af support that will still help if you choose to run this card. It was staple in the old GC builds, as the scry is extremely powerful at best, and still pretty decent at worst. My reason for not running this card is the requirement for <Funeral Parlour> on the PR Guy. This stops that card from gaining maximum potential, not to mention that we have a good substitute in the global boost brainstorm now. Still a consideration.


This card will always be a top contender for the mainstay spot at level 1. Having innate clock encore and a good stockcharging climax combo… this card has practically no downsides!

Oh wait, it’s a climax combo, and there’s the whole needing to reverse your opponent. Newer sets tend to have a higher power baseline all around, which can cause all sorts of problems for this silly 1/1. Good thing though is that the CX actually is a 2k1s, so that helps get over one row.

Otherwise, this card is still a solid choice, and further playtesting will tell which level 1 line-up will be the stronger option.

桜満 集gc-s16-027

Healer & clock kick you might play alongside Musashi Guy. Game enders galore. The condition is a bit annoying to meet, but your level assist helps out, AND it makes the clock kick easier to achieve. With anti-heal being somewhat prevalent, having a healer with additional text is pretty nice.

集のパートナー いのりgc-s16-052

The only change that matters. It will continue to see play, due to the change target being a healer with a (buffed) filtering climax combo. This card is still a solid choice. The stock generated from a costless level 1 game and/or 1/1 Inori’s free stock helps pay for its hefty price.

楪 いのりgc-s16-057

Change target for the card above. It used to be a mainstay in the deck as a vanilla heal (sometimes with the climax combo), but now there is actually a reason to run the CX combo alongside it. Other than the fact it can be changed for a heal at Level 2, there isn’t much reason to run this card with the new Musashi that was released.


Has booty in the foil version. Run 1.

Jokes aside, this card helps in filtering your hand and helps get that last climax into WR before refresh or to set up some plays.

オートインセクト ふゅーねるgc-s16-058

Clock bonds to the card above, for more free cards. Probably a card you wouldn’t run, but it is nice to know that such a card exists. Also, this robot has <Funeral Parlour>. Cool. Seriously though, it’s probably a bad idea to run this card, since you won’t be running more than 1-2 of the above card.


Helps set up and grab key cards… say, a Musashi and a brainstorm. Heck, it might even be useful in getting climaxes out of stock. Simple clone that you can find in many series, and often run as a 1-of.


God damn RR searcher. wtf m8s. Again, standard pay 1 ditch 1 on play searcher. Nothing much to mention other than this card is useful in searching out key cards, but is restricted to <Funeral Parlour>. This is kind of annoying, because Mana is probably a card you want to get, but that’s not allowed. dun break the rules bois n grills.

ポジティブ思考 ツグミgc-s16-078

More card filtering, and combined with the level assist you get “2” top deck checks. The card is pretty helpful in filtering, but it’s a bit situational.


1/0 2k splittable counter. What more is there to say but ‘SAO free’. The 1k still doesn’t go on Mana or other non-<Funeral Parlour> cards. This is becoming a theme, isn’t it? You would still run a few of these, even if you choose to run Mana, since it’s a free 2k counter for everything else in the series.

オペレーター ツグミgc-s16-081

Level support & top deck check. Still need to run some level assists to keep those early plays alive. Also, token loli needs some love.


More tutoring capabilities, and an option to help fish for finishers. Lest we forget, having the option to grab cards for free is always good to have and can help win games.

I think that covers the relevant cards from the booster, so here is my tentative list that will require work.

Level 0: 16
3x clock bond Mana (yellow)
3x Riki (green)
4x “Vessel” Inori (red)
4x Runner (blue)
1x Tsugumi searcher (blue)
2x Mana PR (yellow)

What I’m hoping to achieve here is to generate as much advantage as possible (and continue to do so throughout the game with the above cards). After level 1, the only mainstay card would be the brainstorm, though the PR Mana will help in achieving offensive numbers of 8k,9k,8k after shift (alongside a global Inori).

Level 1: 12
4x 1/0 Guy PR  (yellow)
4x 1/0 Shu & Inori PR (green)
3x 1/0 2k splittable counter (blue)
1x 1/1 Salvage Inori (red)

TRIPLE COLOUR level 1. Y’all think I’m crazy but hear me out. The 1/1 Inori will probably not see play during level 1, and if you do play it, the salvage will most likely be geared towards setting up for level 2 or level 3.  Ignoring that, dual colour level 1 is pretty easy if you levelled up with yellow or green. Sure, games don’t always go as planned, but either level 1 option is still very solid. The main gameplan would still be to utilize the 1/0 Guy and have the Shu&Inori as a secondary beater.

Level 2: 5
2x Level assist  (blue)
1x Change counter (blue)
2x PR inori (red)

Level 2 has never been a strong focus when I build decks, and the cards here are more to support the early play Guy or to stay alive from early played threats.

Level 3:8
4x Musashi (yellow)
3x Shoe (green)
1x Salvager Inori (red)

Not much to say for this line-up, besides that it’s trying to close out the game as soon as possible. The clock kick will synergize well with the level assist to help get the clock kicks off.

8x gates because I am an old man

Power and soul on play, and advantage on triggering. Sure, tons of anti-salvage, but unless everyone in your local meta is running anti-salvage, you can usually just play what you like.

At the end of the day, I have the following in terms of colour ratios not including climaxes

13 yellow
10 green
8 red
11 blue

Seems pretty annoying, eh? However, blue is only required at level 2 for the level assist (easy to accomplish). Yellow will be the mainstay and will be in the level slot by level 1 or 2 at the latest, followed by red and lastly green so I can wear my nikes. If anyone has experience with multi-colour decks, you’ll know that it’s a pain until you figure what time you prefer to have what colour, at which point it’s not too bad.

All in all, level 0s are used to generate advantage through plusses, and the following levels are about maintaining the advantage from those plusses by beating up your opponent’s characters.

Now we have Kitsune with his deck.

As you will see, a lot of these names I came up with are based on SAO and LB cards. Those were two of the first sets I considered after my beloved Dog Days deck. -Kitsune

L0: 16 2Y/2G/6R/6B

2 x Clock Bond Mana (Yellow)
Shift + Clock yourself to bond to Gai Changes Clothes

2 x Riki’s Shus (Green)
It’s a Riki That gives another character 1k on attack.

4 x “Vessel” Inori (Red)
Global +500 power to <Funeral Parlor> + Pay 1 Tap itself Brainstormer

4 x Runner Tsugumi (Blue)
CIP Topcheck + Unconditional Runner (STRONG)

2 x Drop Searcher Tsugumi (Blue)
CIP Pay 1 Ditch 1 Search 1

2 x Bomb Inori (Red)
Are you level 0? Get bombed.

Couple things I want to add
-2 bomb
+2 Riki
my reasoning for this is that the bombs become useless after level 0 whereas, the riki has the option of pumping an extra 1k to another character or to search for a level 0/1.

L1: 13 4Y/6G/1R/2B
4 x Gai Changes Clothes (Yellow)
1/0 4500 + 500 per <Funeral Parlor>, durr.

2 x Vice Commander, Tsugumi (Blue)
1/0 2000 splittable counter.

1 x Paint Inori Like One of Your French Girls (Red)
1/1 4000, CIP Ditch 1 Salvage 1

2 x Hare in a Swimsuit (Green)
1/0 500, Global +500 Power + topcheck at the Beginning of Main Phase

3 x Stockcharger Inori (Green)
1/1 6500 with Clock Encore, and CX combo with Green 2k1 for blind stock on reverse.

The level 1 gameplan here hasn’t changed much prior to the comeback campaign, but the set-up in order to achieve the same level 1 field has improved through a salvage brainstorm and level 1 searching.

L2: 7 0Y/0G/3R/3B
2 x LvX Tsugumi (Blue)
Level Support + Topcheck up to twice per turn when you play a <Funeral Parlor> character

1 x Anti-Change counter (Blue)
This anti-change sacks one of your own characters, btw.

2 x 2/1 PR Inori (Red)
CX combo with Euterpe, for Salvage one on Attack.

2 x 2/1 Inori Changer
Pay 2 Ditch 1 Changes into 3/2 Inori.

Here Kitsune opts to run the change combo which helps in early heals, as well as, salvaging key cards while discarding climaxes that may be clogging the hand prior to refresh. A cute combo with the new level 2 Inori and the level 3 is that they combo off the same climax allowing for amazing handfix potential prior to level 3. Also, not having to worry about Musashis being stuck in the deck when you need it to finish off the game.

L3: 7 4Y/0G/3R/0B
4 x Musashi Gai Yellow
Early summon if 5 or less cards in deck. Gains +1000 power if 2 or more <Funeral Parlor> characters on the field. Musashi effect.

3 x Inori Yuzuriha (Red)
Can be changed into. Healer. CX combo Ditch 1 Salvage 2.

CX: 8 0Y/4G/4R/0B
4 x Euterpe, Stock Soul version. (Red)

Keep in mind that the argument here is “Power/Hand vs Stock/Double Crit”. With this build the thing is to keep in mind is that you are running 14 cards at L2 or higher, and every single one requires stock. In fact, changing requires 3 stock cost. On top of that, the fact that the Euterpe combo gives you advantage regardless means that you can play the Stock Soul to help the stock costs, since you don’t really need the gates.

4 x Smile of the Goddess, 2k1 (Green)
This is the card that combos with the 1/1 Inori for free blindstock on reverse.

Total Color Ratios:
10 Yellow / 11 Green / 18 Red / 11 Blue

I’ll be honest here, I find Shu’s effect….funny. He heals, which is good, but his Clock Kick effect is rest 2 topcheck for a L1 or higher, and it can only clock kick a Level 2 or higher. Which means that you may be in backup range all the time, and I like guaranteed damage rather than just a “maybe”. There’s also the fact that, unless you lose another 2 hand, you’re only going to be playing 1 Shu.

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