The Eotena Onslaught: Attack of the DK Crew

Attack on Titan set review, split into Yellow/Green and Red/Blue colour pairs due to time constraints. lycheepunnet and wkim are joined by MagitekElite and teru for a discussion on how to best pronounce ‘Eotena’.

Playing through the entirety of Donkey Kong 64 is mandatory pre-reading.

he has no grace

he has no grace

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3 Responses to The Eotena Onslaught: Attack of the DK Crew

  1. PheNamenal says:

    Just leaving some comments. In no way am I saying “I commented on X card, so it’s viable or I run it,” but would like to point out some synergy within the set. Who knows, it might help people build budget decks.

    The pretty bad 1500 Eren that pays 1 to run to back row can be used to help the Annies that are 4k if you only have 2 or less stock. Of course, that only ever matters if you haven’t gotten them to level 1 already, having used 3 attackers. Can also help you pay out that climax that is in the second slot with a brainstorm the following turn.

    The clock encore Eren that is 4500 on their turn, 6500 on your turn, is meant to be played in conjunction with the 1/0 back row Eren that gives global 1k on your turn; tap for another 500. Basically lots of costless that can kill and force your opponent to be able to replace while you clock encore. The weakness to encore characters, in my opinion, is getting countered on attack and having to either let them go or pay the encore twice (once on your countered attack and again on their subsequent attack if you can’t counter them back). The costless investment with “high” (8500 with the back row I mentioned is not bad at level 1) power on turn can be nice versus ramming the 1/1 clockcore Sasha in, just for her to get countered and now you’re down 2 damage or 1 stock if you let her go (again, not saying Sasha is bad because I’m comparing her–she’s amazing if your build can afford to pay for her). I’m not a fan of the 1/0 back row Eren as I prefer having the brainstorm Mikasa in the back as well. And it was mentioned that moving Sasha in front of a target with Armin’s ability is nice… but it’s only a gain of 500 power since Armin himself is also 7k. If you’re doing it to put an encore in front of something that would have killed Armin (and even Sasha), then why not just put Eren encore there? Yes, you might be swapping Armin because whoever shows up there gets +1k or +2k (and other troll amounts), but you could have just had 2 Armins instead of 1 Armin 1 Sasha.

    The other thing about Sasha requiring two characters are cases where you have only one back row, two 0’s, and the 1/1 Sasha in front. With AoT and a couple of other sets having stock and clock suiciders, those safety nets that gave her encore AND power can be removed before her combat/encore step. This is besides wind triggers, bottom deck or top deck combos, etc.

    If you run the Levi Squad, whether partial or complete, keep in mind that the two level 0 back rows give global +1 level and +2.5k total to all of those 1/1 Levis. So you COULD have a field of level 2 Levis at 8k, 10k, 8k. The + level from it is nice, but you need to break them up eventually or else you’re leaving your level 3’s vulnerable to anti-change. Yes, Armin is a solution to anti-change, but he’d also be replacing one of the two… so it’s not a new solution. It’s solving a solved problem ny overplaying Eld or Gunther with any upgrade back row. I tend to prefer the 1/1 Levi with just the 1/0 sides as they’re 6k costless with him and the encore could be used for anyone, without having to worry about going -1 at some point in the game to break up the global +level. The hand encore is also nice if you’re planning to run the Mikasa change (from 2->3) as it’s another discard outlet to drop the change targets with. I don’t think there’s a level 1 (or even level 2) hand encore card in red or yellow.

    The 2/1 Hanji combo is first of all bad, yes. But if you somehow field four of them, all of them are 17k (if the first card was <>. 15k if you missed the first, drew with the 2k1’s auto, then resumed and hit with the second card 3 times) before 2k1. Hilarious, but there’s going to be someone out there who tries to make it work. Still 9k’s on defense… though that’s with back row. Reasonable against decks that don’t field level 2’s or early plays. 19k IS an option to try to take down the Exodia head which can go up to 20k max with perfect field, having combo’d last turn, and a proper backup in hand (as none of the event counters can be used on titans). The PR Eren that gains X power where X is opposing level would “guarantee” a kill as he reaches 20.5k if you hit all four Hanjis. Would still be 20.5k if you only hit 3 but gave him the 2k1.

    The 0 suicider Jean is indeed an inferior suicider (to Eren, and Petra kind of), but sometimes the act can be useful when power is all that matters. You can help get your 2/2 Mikasa or 3/2 Levi over something else to get those on-opponent-reverse effects off. Also, it’s kind of only half a stock on Levi, as he’ll be attacking twice compared to characters that only attack once with the benefit. Similarly, everyone was dissing the TD event because it’s -1 to kill something… but Levi attacks twice, so it’s kind of -1/2 instead. Same to all of the other power events.

    Just wanted to point out that Petra can fail to do… anything. Her suicider effect is based on what damage she puts the enemy to. So if they’re sitting at 0/5, Petra attacks and hits a soul trigger and it sticks, they’re now 1/0. She now reverses, you can’t heal them so you can’t clock kick them. Not only that, but they don’t even reverse like a normal reverser such a Jean. Definitely something to be aware of if you’re playing something with double triggers (Armin’s stock soul being the most important probably) as even attacking with Petra while they’re at 0/4 can be an easy -1. Also worth mentioning that Eren’s stock suicide ability can never fail, he sits at 1k for anti-Hibiki, and has an extra ability anyway.

    The 2/1 Jean I imagine is meant to combo with the 2/1 Sasha (ironically) as after he reverses his opponent, he can top deck, then Sasha attacks and top decks and you hope their original top deck wasn’t a climax. You also hope you don’t trigger super huge and hit a climax, “wasting” both abilities. You probably bond from Marco to Jean. Crash Marco to get +2k to Jean, attack with Jean, top deck, then pray to the Potato Gods when you attack with Sasha. I don’t quite understand people calling bonds (no, not this type where you discard. The ones where you pay 1 or clock 1) +1’s. You +1 on your turn. Then it kills nothing on their board so they +1 because you didn’t kill their stuff. So you paid 1 or clocked 1 to +1 and your opponent +1’d by you playing inferior cards and them not paying a thing. It’s only +1 if there’s a direct attack or a character weaker than your bonder sitting there. That’s assuming they don’t +1 from YOUR weak character a la Shimakaze the following turn… The other option is to overplay them… but then you just went -1, balancing it out. If it’s a “good” bond that can sit in the back row like Apples (and stuff that might even be better that I’m not aware of like in Railgun?), then the +1 stays around long enough for it to actually be considered so. But what can be nice with this Marco is you can potentially drop 2 climaxes from hand before refresh, with both of his abilities. And he costs no stock in what I consider a stock heavy set.

    Also wanted to point out that AoT having both stock and clock suiciders at 0 greatly reduces the benefit of the 0 titan army. Since they get removed after that attack, the subsequent ones drop 2k, allowing your regular beaters to step over the remaining ones much more easily.

    Lastly, I think Chimi Mikasa is the best chimi card available. Especially if you run the 1/0 Armin swap combo. You play her then Mikasa or Eren brainstorm (or any other act your deck plays) to get +1 level and 1k power. The +1 level is for killing reversers that may be sitting around. Great. Now on their turn they play another level 1 reverser. You play a backup and you keep your character! Or they put a reverser in front of Armin, so you swap Mikasa in for Armin. If they somehow don’t attack with that reverser first and you backup Armin which makes him win, Mikasa still gets her +1 level, so you now won 2 lanes for 1 card (and 1 stock, but you would preemptively pay for Armin either way if you combo’d. It just makes the Armin combo that much better). Also, Mikasa DOES get that +1k from having the act, so something like Strong Bloodlust, with an Eren on field, turns her into level 2 8k before back row (whatever back row you’re playing) for no stock. Add power for Mikasa backrows and having Armin swapped. Chimi Armin can also be nice to give Chimi Mikasa her act cost on your turn, as none of the (good) AoT backrows actually tap except for Eren brainstorm, and Eren 1/0 back row iirc. Though there’s also assist-assist Mikasa from the TD if you haven’t forgotten about her and have plans to use her. There are also two titan back rows that tap, but titans.

  2. Ice says:

    Hey Lycheeman, will you be doing a set review for nisekoi and SAO EB? I really hope to see more set reviews!

    • lycheepunnet says:

      we’ve actually just done the NK one, it’s pending at the moment

      looking for someone who actually knows SAO before we do the SAO one or else we might start saying blatantly wrong things

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