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NK Booster Review (kind of) and Casual Banlist Roundtable

lycheepunnet, wkim and teru discuss the finer things in life, like gorillas man what was the point of this booster as always, agreement, disagreement and misagreement below

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Glass Ceiling, Now with Added Salt

Hello, Matchapple here with a review of the upcoming GC (Glass Ceiling) comeback campaign. I’ll be going through the new cards and their interactions with the cards from the set. Hopefully, the information provided will help in constructing your future … Continue reading

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Scattered Thoughts on Skill and the Tournament Format

This is the first serious article I’ve written in awhile, so bear with me. If you’re after terribly irrelevant anime gifs and jokes about 90s’ kids pop culture, go read literally any other article I’ve penned. I want to address … Continue reading

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The Eotena Onslaught: Attack of the DK Crew

Attack on Titan set review, split into Yellow/Green and Red/Blue colour pairs due to time constraints. lycheepunnet and wkim are joined by MagitekElite and teru for a discussion on how to best pronounce ‘Eotena’. Playing through the entirety of Donkey … Continue reading

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The Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Shining Example of Deck Retrofitting

Hi. I’m Katsu. … ….. Yeah, I’m Katsu. You may recognize me from our latest set review, in which I basically contributed nothing more than simple nods of agreement despite being the resident expert on the Shining series. I mean, … Continue reading

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Shining Resonance Set Review feat. Katsu

too tired to think of witty title not tired enough to sleep just tired enough to post dank set review comments below, appreciated muchly

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Upgrading Old and Busted to NEW HOTNESS – Humble Beginnings

You might have noticed a slew of articles coming from people who aren’t me, and that’s happening because apparently this blog is high-profile enough to get more than just me writing for it. Deck techs or not, I’m stoked to … Continue reading

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Appreciate Kamijou Touma

Tie-in review of the Index Comeback Campaign with the other article that will soon be posted. It’s a separate post because it looked pretty clunky and ugly in the other article, and this way people who only want a somewhat-informed … Continue reading

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