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Gigant Shooter Tsukasa: Brick Cards, Brick Life

Hello, my name is ElPresidente or wkim564 (depending on where you find me), and this is my set review of Gigant Shooter Tsukasa. This was my main tournament set for a while, winning me three local 20-30 man tournaments, and … Continue reading

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After Extensive Debate, Sayaka is Best Girl

Featuring Kitori from Burn One, this is the second video review, now with less mouthbreathing. Again, let us know how you think it was in the comments, 搬瓦工 either here or on the video pages themselves. Happy viewing!

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Expanding Your Scene – Humble Beginnings

I’ve seen many people sell all of their WS decks in quitting sales. I’ve seen people driven to despair as they fail to find people to play against. I’ve heard of decks just sitting, collecting dust due to disuse. The … Continue reading

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How to be King of the World (dood) – My Disgaea Retrospective

(We got a guest writer. Because reasons.) I’ve been playing WS for 2 years now, and Disgaea was one of the first few series I decided to properly invest in. Before the release of D2, I heard that Disgaea cards … Continue reading

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