Homogeneity in Weiss Schwarz

Let’s play a game. It’s called New Set Bingo. Each time the new set spoilers get you a row or column, you have to buy another booster box of the set.

Want more examples? Level 1 bombs. Asuna’s Married Life. Advance summons at 5> cards. CIP clock kick for a turn. +4000 at the beginning of your draw step. Events that mill 4 and let you pick one. Do you get where I’m going? The game has become something so superfluously streamlined that the WS design department can probably just call it a day. They can give a set some number of the above, and deckbuilding for it will become so obnoxiously easy and effective that you won’t even need to think about the core skeleton. Gone are the days where you have to consider 1/0 vanillas for their synergistic traits alone. Gone are the days where you don’t have a Musashi-type burn to count on to finish the game. Every set has become one of two relatively uninteresting gameplans leading up to a frenzy of finishing. Deckbuilding is becoming less and less important of a skill because you can just crutch on supreme card quality.

‘But what design space is there to be had?’, you ask? Well, how about a effect? An antirunner effect that requires you to guess a card that they have in hand? A finishing effect that forces you to take climaxes out of your own deck? A handswap or free mill that activates when your opponent clocks? An effect that INTERACTS WITH YOUR OPPONENT’S MEMORY? ????

This is not to say WS has become a bad or uninteresting game. Even when the cookie cutter Nisekoi builds were the undisputed best decks in the game, the mirror held plenty of little nuances that separated the better players from the lesser BlueHost优惠码 ones. Even setting gameplay aside, there is still skill involved in deckbuilding: pitfall cards, over- and under-valuation of a roleplayer’s importance, and the effect of personal playstyle when it comes to risk-taking and gameplan. However, every recent set has had such an incredible set of tools to work with that it has begun to show less of the charm of ‘Weiss Schwarz’. It has tended more towards a cardgame with universal engines – tending towards the cardpool of a living card game, so to speak. Even though the names are different, the roles of the cards are functionally identical.

There is a reason we refer to exceptional archetypal cards by the first card in said archetype. The and the are the obvious examples. These cards changed something huge about their sets. They were very often 4-ofs. Their existence in the set was something we dreaded when we went up against them. They were a draw to the set, and were therefore headliners. You can see this in plenty of older sets. Disgaea had Winged Slayer (and like a billion other things). Accel World had masochism. Persona had gimmicks for years. Nowadays, you can’t really pinpoint what each new set’s draw is, and that worries me. Yes, I understand that WS draws players based on the popularity of the anime, but as a player, it still worries me.

Take the Yellow build of Girlfriend Beta. It’s an exceptionally strong deck with almost everything you’d care to name for a modern high-tier deck. However, when you ask what sets this deck apart from other high tier decks, I can only offer one card.

This is the only card in the deck that isn’t also present in multiple other decks, and is the only card I can confidently say headlines the set when compared with other offerings. Everything else is taken for granted. A stalwart searcher. A powerful advantage-garnering climax combo. An exceptional finishing game. These are no longer a deck’s advantages or draws – they are practically the default.

I can only hammer home one point, and that won’t really stick with the ‘WS IS WAIFU GAME’ crowd (those guys can go back to arguing that Saber isn’t an uninteresting character). The game has plateaued, and is stagnating mechanically because of it. Development and design have stopped thinking about interesting gimmicks. The complete mishandling of Nisekoi’s gimmick scarred them, and that caused a power shuffle. They’ve regressed to thoroughly uninteresting crap like Resonance, which so far is utterly underwhelming and almost not worth considering in a deck. The game is becoming more and more like modern toolbox Yugioh, and I don’t like where it’s going.

There haven’t been posts for awhile because I was busy finishing up placement assignments, but trust you me, the tears will start to flow once more.

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