Reasons why good cards are good – Vol. 3: Endgame

Honestly, I’m kind of tired of writing about theory and I want to get this over with so I can talk about clickbaitey tiers crap. Still, I feel that I should really make mention of why the most expensive cards in WS are so expensive, and this will be my somewhat brief way of doing so.

At some point during a game, you’ll switch gears. Clocking for two is no longer automatic, the number of cards in your hand doesn’t necessarily have to be 7, and you begin to stop caring about stock conservation. This is the endgame. This is where doing damage becomes more important, and not dying becomes a primary focus. Cards that perform above and beyond during this period are highly valued, and rightly so.

Still, why is there such a focus on Level 3? Level 1s form the backbone of your deck. Good Level 0s have functionality all throughout a game. Level 2s can often perform a lot of the tasks level 3s can. So why are Level 3s valued at all? It’s pretty simple. Level 3s have strong abilities few other cards boast, and if other cards have these abilities, they are generally a lot more expensive to ‘balance out’ those cards’ earlier availability. Any card that breaks this rule is quite strong. Additionally, other cards that have effects which either keep you alive or stop your opponent from staying alive can have tremendous value in the lategame, and should have that factored into their evaluation. Instead of just barraging you with words, I’ll just throw examples at you.


Say hello to Sayaka, one of the staple Level 3s in the Madoka Magica deck. You might notice that she’s generally quite sizeable, allowing her to hit in for 2-3 damage every turn, if you so wish. In addition to having a significant amount of power (assuming a full field), she boasts the CIP heal ability, which forces your opponent to hit you harder in order to kill you. Additionally, she has the ‘drawback’ of going to Memory after being defeated, meaning you cannot use her again. This isn’t a drawback. If you’ve read the other articles, you should be thinking about how this is a compression aid, which (coincidentally) is a pretty big part of Madoka’s gameplan anyway. She also combos quite well with Sayaka’s Wish, another staple card in the Madoka meta deck. An excellent heal, well worth playing as a three-of, and the envy of many a series.


One of the most centralising cards of all time, and the staple Level 3 in the Railgun deck. Mikoto & Kuroko (or just Misakuro for short) holds the dubious honour of being one of only three cards ever restricted by total number playable. In addition to being a heal on play, it has the ability to pump itself and burn your opponent for one additional damage after defeating their character. You can also summon it at Level 2, if you’re winning by that much. Something I want to highlight is the ability’s cost. You pay 1 and discard one hand card on attack. Can anyone think of why this might be helpful for compression? Well, if you attack with another character first and trigger a gate or Sunset other climax, you can immediately pay it out. You can also drop any climaxes that snuck into your hand, which is a definite plus for compression. While these abilities can be very helpful, it may not always be the case that you contribute to compression every time. The good part is, that doesn’t matter. You’re still burning them for 1, and that’s a big reason as to why Misakuro was eventually restricted to 2 copies maximum.

nagisa tomoya

While this is not a card you’ll see at the top tables of tournaments often, it’s pretty as hell and CLANNAD is the best, so suck it up. Nagisa & Tomoya is a solid card that heals on play, just like Sayaka. The other ability, however, is significantly more interesting. When this card attacks and you have an Ushio on the field (Ushio is a good 0/0 support and your 2/1 Levelx500 support, so this is not difficult), you can pay the same cost as Misakuro to buff all your other characters by 1500 power… and 1 soul. That’s right, you can transform 1-soul attackers into 2-soul beaters, allow for some tricky side attack plays, and most importantly, greatly improve the value of your 0/0, 1/0s and support cards, all of which would otherwise just be 1-soul attackers. Even better, you can attack with 1-soul attackers beforehand, if you cards wanted to turn only one of your 0/0s into a 2-soul beat, giving a degree of customisation that can be very valuable at times. It also wholesale nfl jerseys boasts all the advantages of the 1-cost drop-1 on attack that Misakuro had, so this is an all-around good card for a deck that sorely needs it.


This is Mid-Boss, a card that is referred to as a reshuffler, or freefresh. If you satisfy the condition and play it down (not hard with Brainstorm effects and the like), you reshuffle your deck and discard pile together, wholesale mlb jerseys avoiding the mandatory refresh damage, and giving you a whole new deck of climaxes to cancel with. You can honestly think of this as a heal effect, given that you just prevented one damage which was otherwise inevitable. Not only that, but if you pull this effect off, you deal one damage to your opponent, meaning you get a heal AND some extra damage AND a body to beat things with, all for just one cost. The secondary effect on reverse is quite bad, whereby he becomes another card you can take as damage, but given he is essentially a 1-cost heal and burn, it can be excused.


Hibiki is a card referred to by a multitude of names, including a CIP Clash or CIP Burn. As you can see, it deals one damage when the opponent cancels your hit. If your opponent cancels the hit, it functions very similarly to how Misakuro have functioned in that situation. The downside here is that it is not reusable, as Misakuro is, but it does not cost anything extra to gain the extra attack. It is a card that helps mitigate the disadvantage of hitting for high numbers, in that it allows you to treat the first attack as a climax-removing hit, followed by a secondary hit for one damage. The secondary abilities are somewhat relevant – a power increase is welcome, and the hexproof (untargetable) ability is Used occasionally useful, especially if you happen to advance summon this Hibiki.


The infamous money counter. Farewell Yukichi (Yukichi being the guy on the Japanese $100 bill) is a counter that prevents an opponent’s character from doing any damage to you after it is played. As well as having the very obvious bonus of preventing standard soul damage, it also prevents any additional effect damage, such as from the Hibiki and Mikoto/Kuroko previewed above. Anti-damage effects are extremely hard to come by, and this one is arguably the best. However, these cards are not a complete defence against damage. In addition to only affecting the character you counter, it activates during Counter Hainchener phase only. This means that opponents who Side or Direct Attack you are immune to this card, and that wholesale nba jerseys burn effects which activate before the Counter step (ie. burn on attack) ignore it completely. Additionally, one other brand of character ignores this counter…


This Miku is what we refer to colloquially as a clock kick. When it reverses its opponent, that opponent is placed straight to clock, and isn’t counted as ‘damage’. This means they cannot cancel it, and instead just eat 1 without any chance of negation. While this seems like an inefficient way to deal damage, keep in mind you are also hitting them for 2-soul base, and that you are hopefully removing a threat from their board whilst doing so. This Miku is one of the better clock kicks, because it has pretty much no strings attached, and allows you to discard a climax for its effect, if you so desire. The Packaged climax combo is also helpful in slightly thinning your deck, but the clock kick is the main reason you’re playing this. You can probably see the weakness in the clock kick strategy – if your opponent counters you or removes the battling character in some other way, your clock kick will fizzle, leaving you with nothing but a soul swing and a bag of dreams. Still, a very potent finisher, and one that often demands an answer.


Yuri, Resisting an Absurd Destiny. I wish I could resist the countless absurd destinies this card has condemned me to. Its 4-cost ability is very steep in terms of cost, but it is justifiably so, given it is probably the strongest customisable additional attack ever printed. Not only do you dodge the money counter, but you pay the cost on attack, meaning you can swing with other characters (suiciding them if you want), then pay to sacrifice them, making further use of their presence on the field. You might even remove characters just to avoid being clock kicked or otherwise abused (we’ll come to this in a moment). This is evidently a powerful ability. The -1 soul effect, however, is debatable. Most people regard it as a drawback, given that soul damage is relatively customisable anyway, and all it does is allow the opponent to swing for smaller increments, reducing the chances that you cancel, so keep that in mind before deciding this card is the best thing ever. Long story short, the 4-cost ability is a big reason why Angel Beats is still a threatening series, despite having a relatively average power and advantage baseline.


Yeah, it’s here. Honestly, I just want to link you this card’s description and leave it at that, but I have to be at least somewhat professional. Marika, Maiden’s Heart is a soon-to-be-restricted card that turns Nisekoi from an honest toolbox deck into a fierce typhoon of a series, raging harder than me when I eat 9 straight from this stupid card. After satisfying the cheap mlb jerseys requirements, this card deals one damage to you every time it attacks (circumventing the money counter for this attack, at least), then dealing you its standard soul damage. But wait, there’s more! If you defeat your opponent (this is not hard, but there are ways to abuse this weakness), you can drop 3 cards and pay 2 stock to have Marika ‘restand‘. Restanding is a concept that wholesale jerseys might be familiar to players of a certain other Bushiroad cardgame, but is rarely worthwhile in Weiss Schwarz, due to being either extremely expensive or simply requiring too many hoop jumps to be worthwhile. Here, however, it’s very worthwhile. In addition to getting another attack, you also get another 1 damage burn-on-attack. That’s 4 attacks. If you have two other non-Marika characters, you get a potential 6 attacks in a turn. Throwing a money counter at her will restrict her wrath to the single burn-on-attack, but that’s still irritating, especially since there is likely a second Marika waiting in the wings. A downright unfair card that I would advise against buying too many of, lest it become banned and unplayable.

You probably didn’t get a great deal out of this article. It’s just a collection of somewhat strong cards for the lategame and a rant about Marika, but I felt it was necessary for completion’s sake.

If you take these three articles into account, you will find that you can start valuing cards very easily. Just ask yourself whether a card fulfills any one (or more) of the given categories, and how well it does it. Add on any perks that those cards might give, such as card selection, combat trickery or skill negation, and you’ll be on your way to being a good judge of card quality in no time.

Or you could use the scrub shortcut and look up Vol. what cards cost the most on Your choice.

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